What is ObliVM?

ObliVM is a privacy-preserving computation framework that allows one or multiple organizations to perform secure data analysis without disclosing their private data.


ObliVM has rich applications especially in domains that involve sensitive data, such as hospital, medical, and genomic data.


Example source code :

Stack, Heap, Queue, Dijkstra, Prim, KMeans, AMS Sketch, CountMin Sketch, iDash secure genomics analysis competition .


  • ObliVM open source code released!
  • GraphSC open source code released!
  • Won "HLI Award for Secure Multi-party Computation" (March 2015)!


ObliVM adopts efficient oblivious algorithms, and compiles programs to succinct circuits suitable for secure computation.

Ease of Use

Programmers write programs without having to understand cryptography, ObliVM auto-generates cryptographic implementations.


We provide formal security through a core calculus and type system that capture "obliviousness".

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